FUN ARENA is the perfect place for private groups (STAG & HEN parties or just for friends) and company teambuilding sessions. You will be amazed by the options we offer: Paintball, Nerf, Extreme Archery, Airsoft, Shooting range, Bubble football and that´s all by far!

HISTORY (Fun Arena in former Nusels brewery):

FUN ARENA is not just a place for entertainment and to relax, but is also situated in a unique historical scenery ... The arena is located in the heart of the former Nusels brewery, which is a national heritage site since 2000. It was established in 1694 and was the biggest industrial brewery in that time. In 1960 it was rebuilt as a malt-house and many other buildings in the complex were taken over by "Czech winery" (the remaining highlight is the biggest wine barrel in Czech, stored in the cellar). Recently, the place is occasionally used by film directors to realize their dreams in movies. Our "arena" is actually the place where scenes of Angelina Jolie where shot for the movie WANTED and where Tim Burton filmed his commercial for Timex watches.

The place where the melt-house and storage room were, is now Fun Arena! It´s used many years by our company AGS Trade s.r.o. (division In the beginning we only used the area for paintball (reball). After some years we decided to invest in this beautiful place and make it more accessible for everyone who loves entertainment and has an eye for historical places. Here is where you will find our four fields that we use for dozens of activities, the bar, the changing room, ours sanitary facilities and of course the DAGRECKER Airsoft shooting range. We also have free Wi-Fi, light effects, projectors and perfect audio for your comfort. We believe it is the perfect place for company parties, teambuilding sessions, or just for hanging with friends after some tough games on the fields.


31.3.2021 - Fun Arena left its long-term location and moved from former Nusels brewery to a new and better place near the O2 Arena.

PRESENT (Fun Arena on Sokolovska street about 400 m from O2 Arena)

Since we like spaces with history, the new location of Fun Arena is no different. The history of the building dates back to 1921, when it served as the central warehouse and factory for Julius Meinl a.s. The building also experienced bombing during World War II and on March 25, 1945, a large part of it was destroyed in an air raid. After the end of all Julius Meinl activities in the Czech lands, the famous Kliment Meat and Delicatessen was located here. Nowadays, the complex is owned by Vysočanská ASSET s.r.o. and its manager is SupremeXP Enterprise s.r.o. The company operates the SupremeXP platform combining a Game Zone or Movie Library. Thanks to this, Fun Arena is once again getting into the film theme and hinting at the film history in Nusle.

The new Fun Arena is located less than a 100 m walk from the B Českomoravská metro station, so excellent public transport accessibility is guaranteed. At the same time, the complex has a large courtyard with more than 100 parking spaces, so even visitors with a car will have no problem.

Just like the original location of the Fun Arena, there is also a stylish environment or 4 playgrounds for dozens of different activities, a bar and sanitary facilities. What's big news, however, is the much larger and airier space, which has allowed for new activities like HADO, iRacing and a world-class speedsoft course, but also allows you to host your events for up to hundreds of people. The building also houses the Museum of Games - Arcade Lite, which is much larger than the original one in Nusle and offers a VIP lounge or a club room for gamers equipped with classic computers.


We constantly strive to expand our Fun Arena with new forms of entertainment. Follow us online and on Social Media to stay updated!

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