Meet Fun Arena

Meet Fun Arena

13. June 2024 | News | Author: Kubas

From paintball to the entertainment centre of the future

Futuristic cyberpunk space full of fun and activities in the centre of Prague. Whether you like technological gems like Virtual Dodgeball, which is only here in the Czech Republic, or Robot Fight, where you build your robot avatar, give it your favourite weapon and go to battle. All this and much more can be found on 4 floors of entertainment and an area of more than 2000 m2.

But a little bit back in history. Fun Arena was created in the Nusel brewery purely from the paintball environment, but thanks to experience and willingness to do the maximum for the customer, the decision was made to expand the range of activities and do something less militant for younger children, as well as for ladies, in short, to expand the range. Thanks to this, the first Fun Arena was born, which at the time was in the industrial style, which was still in its infancy in the Czech Republic. A couple of years later, Fun Arena moved for the first time to new premises in Sokolovská Street, where the first idea was to conceive Fun Arena in the style of futuristic Cyberpunk. The concept was successful and the reaction of customers was great. Unfortunately, the space was temporary, so it was known that Fun Arena would have to move again. The move was made to the current address Petrská 1158/18, Prague 1, where nothing was left to chance and the space was made Cyberpunk, as it should be!

Nusel Brewery - former venue of Fun ArenaPaintball field in Fun Arena in Nusle in 2013

Fun Arena building in Vysočany Prague 9 in 2020First Cyberpunk-style Fun Arena in Vysočany in 2021

A materialized vision of tomorrow's world on four floors

The space can be divided into 4 floors, where each floor is unique and different in many ways.

The Underground City is internally called the brain of the Fun Arena because it has a 10-meter long bar, seating for up to 100 people, a stage and a screen for presentations. There are also foosball, pool and darts available for every visitor. Activities here include Robot Fight, HADO, Drunk Busters (Addiction Tamers), Axe Throwing and The Clinic escape game. This space is suitable for birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate events, workshops or new product launches.

Underground City in 2023Underground City - Square in 2023

The next floor is called Cyber Arcade, and as the name implies, you can expect a packed floor of not only retro arcade machines, but also modern machines, pinball machines, consoles and computers. Last but not least, there is a LAN room with 6 computers for 3 vs 3 games, where you can play Unreal Tournament or Duna 2000. You could say that Cyber Arcade is also something like a Museum of Games, because here you will find a historical intersection of everything that the history of the gaming market has presented to us.

Cyber Arcade currently offers 90 gaming devices for up to 140 players, so you won't be bored. The entrance fee is a one-time fee, so you pay once and you can spend the entire opening hours, which is 10 hours. Highlights of the Cyber Arcade include the rhythmic Chunithm, the horror-tinged Dark Escape 4D, the galactic shooter Dariusburst EX, or the PACMAN for up to 4 players, where you and a bunch of friends or family will be stuck on tuts while the other PACMANs eat.

The Cyber Arcade has a completely different drink menu than the other floors. You'll find drinks that are distributed exclusively for the US and Japanese markets, and the menu is constantly changing. The same is true with the gaming equipment. If you come again after a few months since your last visit, there will be several new devices waiting for you.

Cyber Arcade, 2023Cyber Arcade on the 3rd floor of Fun Arena on Petrská Street in Prague in 2023

We come to the almost final floor called Factory Field. Challenge your buddies or colleagues to one of the activities where you have to defend a radio station, find a hospital and get medicine or simply replenish food in the store. And what activities will you find here? Simply put, team activities. In more complex terms you will find Paintball with rubber balls for both adults and children (i.e. Reball), Airsoft in 4 ways - classic airsoft 2 teams against each other, then Speedsoft which is a spiced up airsoft with light up balls and light up balls where you shoot light up balls against each other, one team red and the other team green, which leave a light trail so it looks like a laser. There's also Counter-Strike and an airsoft CQB shooting range. Not to be forgotten is Extreme Archery, which is archery but with foam tips instead of arrowheads, so it's safe and physically quite challenging. We are also thinking of the kids and for them it is NERF, again in 2 variants. The first is the classic NERF with foam bullets and the second is the Laser NERF, a similar alternative to the laser game.

Factory Field - guest facilities in 2023Factory Field on the 4th floor of the Fun Arena

The last floor is the so-called Studio Petrská, which is basically a photographic studio, but equally a beautiful event space suitable for any event you can think of.

In conclusion, there is nothing else to say but that you should come to the space on Petrská Street to see and try some of the activities for yourself. We look forward to seeing you.

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