Fake bungee jumping

Fake bungee jumping in Prague center. Do you want make fun from your friend, colleague or relative and not to endanger health? We have here ideal combination between adrenaline and fun, atmosphere same like during real jump, but this time it is fake. Unsuspecting participant throws himself blindfolded to a long fall, to find out real quick, that he jumped in to the pool filled with cold water. Funny present, which will entertain many spectators, but at the end even a jumper.

After arriving (already blindfolded), the instructor will take care of the action, he will help to get into the harness, secure preparation and explanation of everything what is needy, to induce the right atmosphere. Preparation for jump on platform, countdown and jump with cheering from everyone present. Simply it is all one big PRANK ideal for birthdays or stag do!

Fake bungee jumping pricelist

All prices inlude VAT

Fake bungee jumping

2800 CZK / pc
  • 30 minutes
  • Real bungee jumping equipment
  • Ramp with pool
  • Professional instructor
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