The Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop role-playing game where players take on the role of fantasy heroes, while one player takes on the role of a narrator (the Dungeon Master) who moves the players through the story, puts obstacles in front of them, and together with them creates the world they find themselves in.

HeroHub features a community of people who love storytelling as well as 2 independent game rooms (Tavern and War room). HeroHub offers a great opportunity for newcomers as well as masters to play the Dungeons and Dragons.

Our D&D services:

Rent our DM (Dungeon Master)

Do you have a group you want to try D&D with, but you don't know the rules, don't have the accessories and don't really know where to start? We'll provide everything you need, from a narrator, to dice, to a game board!

Corporate teambuilding

Want to have an adventure with your work team? Do you want to improve communication, group spirit or are you simply looking for a unique experience for your colleagues? We can tailor-make a teambuilding experience for you.

"One shot"

A unique one-session experience for family or friends. What adventure will you go on? To a distant planet, a fantastical realm or a post-apocalyptic world? Leave the rest to us!

Game room rental

It's not the same in the nursery or basement anymore? Don't need a narrator and have nowhere to play? Come and play in fully equipped game rooms in the centre of Prague.

Location at Fun Arena



Price packages for HeroHub

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Rent our Dungeon Master

Corporate teambuilding

One shot

Game room rental

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