Human Table Football

Human Table Football is exactly what you would imagine. It’s just like those little table footballs you play down the pub, but in bigger version and you'll replace the miniature players! You’ll be attached by poles to the football pitch before the game begins, and you’ll then bring the game to life as you attempt to get a foot on the ball. The poles do slide from side to side, so you have got a fair chance of getting the ball in the back of the net.

Therefore Human Table Football requires even more teamwork and coordination than its real or table-top equivalent… Most of all though it is great fun!

For larger events, we can create a Human Table Football tournament where teams play each other in a knockout championship.

The minimum amount of players = 8*
More than 12 players**

*Of course when you are with a smaller group you are more than welcome. In this case we charge and extra fee of 300 CZK per missing person.
**For more than 12 players, tournament format and increase the game time to 90 minutes.

Human Table Football pricelist

All prices include VAT

1 hour package

300 CZK / person
  • 1 hour game
  • distinctive jerseys
  • soccer ball
  • instructor


100 CZK / osoba
  • Drunk goggles - .15 - .25 BAC
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