Tactical Shooting Range


These are the characteristics of our Tactical Shooting Range (AIRSOFT / NERF), a great shooting novelty. This shooting range will give a complete new view on action packed target shooting.

How it works:

  • The basis for the Tactical Shooting Range is the unique system STS (Single Target System) – a computer on which you can add as many electronically controlled targets as you wish.

  • We can create two similar tracks that two players can play against each other under the exact same conditions.

  • Targets have different heights, so you can shoot at them from different distances.

  • Two players or two teams compete against each other and try to beat each other by being the fastest in shooting all targets. The software counts all the hits and gives penalties for targets that remain standing. Also the time that players and the team need for the challenge is measured by the computer. It´s also possible to organize relay, what we think is great for company parties.

  • The system also has monitor, where you can see how is your friend and your competitor is doing.

  • You can use any of our airsoft guns, or a NERF blaster, if you prefer that.

Minimum amount of persons: 8*

*If you want a play in smaller group, there is an additional cost of 300 CZK per missing person. We can also try to fit you in you to another group, if possible.

Location at Fun Arena


Factory Field

Tactical Shooting Range pricelist

All prices include VAT

Tactical Shooting Range

From 500 CZK / 22 € / Person
20 persons and more - CZK 500.
16 persons and more - CZK 600.
12 persons and more - CZK 700.
Less than 12 persons - CZK 800.
  • 2 hour game
  • STS (Single Target System)
  • electronically controlled targets
  • safety googles
  • large selection of airsoft guns
  • unlimited ammo
  • organizer services

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