Hidden Identity Package

You have found yourself in an abandoned place and the only thing you know is that you do not remember anything. Immerse yourself into a world where each of you is a secret agent who has lost his true identity.

The concept of this event is set directly into the extensive possibilities of our Fun Arena. You can look forward to competitions with a lot of teamwork, adrenaline, fun and excitement.

In this game you have to risk and forget the basic rules of morality. So do not be afraid to bribe anyone on the station, if you need help or you are not able to accomplish the task. The money we receive from you is never enough, so you need to handle it with care.

Course of the event:

  • We will prepare for you X stations (which will depend on the total number of people), on which you will experience small fragments of your life.
  • Teams gradually fulfill tasks on separate stations, that require team spirit, sense of collaboration, determination to reach the goal together and a certain dose of adrenaline and courage.

Purpose of the game:

  • The purpose of the game is to complete all the tasks on the station and reveal the hidden identity!

Difficulty of the event:

  • The event is moderate, but becouse we are consulting the whole event with the client, we are able to simplify the difficulty or vice versa.

What to look forward to:

  • Virtual racing, tactical shooting range, escape games, minefielding and bomb disposal, obstacle course with laser field, maze, shooting from various weapons and much more.

Hidden Identity - pricelist

All prices include VAT

Agent Bourne

On demand
  • • Virtual racing
  • • Tactical shooting range
  • • Escape games
  • • Bomb damage
  • • Mining field mining
  • • An obstacle path with a laser field
  • • Dungeons
  • • Shooting
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