The game with is set in the 20s and 30s of the 20th century will engulf you thanks to its thematic team activities. As members of the Mafia family, you will raise money in various ways so that you can participate in the secret auction organized by your capo and at the same time the criminal icon, Al Capone itself.

A big event is in progress and you and your teammates will play a major role in fulfilling it. You will have to bribe, escape from prison, shoot yourself through enemies, and also prove that you have sufficient Mafia knowledge.

Everyone knows that if he fails, he will be removed. It will not be just any job, as it will require all the skill, good strategy, concentration and, most importantly, flawless teamwork. And of course, count with danger!

Once you earn enough money, you will be able to multiply your funds for example in roulette or Blackjack. As a grand finale rum tasting and a secret auction awaits you.


A sophisticated game with props and mafia ruffians!

Difficulty of the action:

The program is not physically demanding, the difficulty of individual habitats can be tailored to the client's demand.

Focus of the event:

This program will examine your ability to collaborate, create strategies. It also tests psychological resistance, work under time pressure, and at the same time it has the function of deepening trust.

Mafia - pricelist

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On demand
  • Team activities
  • Shooting range
  • Escape games
  • Casino
  • Tasting rums
  • Auction
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