We created complete novelty for airsoft sector in Czech and that is Speedsoft. If you are asking yourself, what is that, it is transition from classic military style to competitive scene, where games are faster and more dynamic. With support from speedQB® we prepared ideal spaces and tailor-made equipment. Whole premise of this branch is participation on world championships and at us you can try tasting, which we believe is worth of your time.

From us you will get evetyhing needy to experience this adrenalin connected with Speedsoft for yourself. Of course there is a referee, who is securing, that everybody obey rules, which He explain before start. Thanks to the special illuminated ammunition with tracers is secured fair play game. What is a difference against classic airsoft, especially equipment and the most important part is tracer, which we can easily liken to laser guns from Star Wars and these parts of equipment push the game on whole new level. Well who would not like to experience adrenaline action with „lasers“.

Minimum amount of players: 8*

*If you want to play in a smaller group, there is an additional cost of 300 CZK per missing person. We can also try to fit you into another group, if possible.

Speedsoft pricelist

All prices include VAT

Speedsoft package

1.000 CZK / person
  • 2 hours game
  • Complete equipment
  • Organizer/referee services
  • Unlimited ammunition (BBs)
  • Gun with tracer
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